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Teen Connections

Middle School Youth

 Teen Connections will resume this fall. Have a great summer!

We are focused on Scripture and the Eucharist. We also have social nights and service nights, an opportunity to grow community outside our weekly meetings! We welcome students of all faiths from all school

Our mission is simple; to Love God, Love Others and Make Disciples. We not only teach the important aspects of the Catholic faith, but also how they apply to our lives as teenagers in a secular world. We focus on the why, not just the what. We are a youth group, not a theology class, and promise our nights will feel like that. Featuring games, food, community, Scripture, and sacraments - our nights are both fun and filling. We look forward to seeing you there!

We are deeply rooted in the sacraments. We regularly provide opportunities for Reconciliation, Mass, Adoration, and more.

Teen Connections promises practical takeaways for each night. We focus on the "why" of our faith. Why are Catholics pro-life? Why do we need to know Scripture? Why is this important to my life as an American teenager?

Not Just Wednesdays

High School - Immaculate Conception Youth Ministry

High School - Immaculate Conception Youth Ministry

We will have various events and retreats throughout the year, and are always willing to add more. Overnight lock-ins, frisbee in the park, trips to water parks and amusement parks, coffee socials, and much more. Keep an eye out for upcoming events!

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