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Ministries - Liturgical


The Lector at Mass - General Principles (USCCB)

Best Websites for Catholic Lectors and Lay Readers

Lector Pronunciation Guide

Daily Readings (USCCB)

For information on becoming a Reader at Mass, contact the church office at 903-757-5855.


USCCB Guidelines for Altar Servers

How to Be an Altar Server in the Catholic Church

Altar Server Prayer Before Mass

For more information on being an altar server, contact the church office at 903-757-5855.


What's an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion?

Taking Communion to the Sick and Homebound (call Bob Allen 903-759-1308)

For information on serving in this ministry, call Margaret Quinn 903-7573189.


Ushers are usually the first to greet the attendees at a Mass, opening doors and answering questions. They may assist the elderly and disabled in and out of their cars.  When very busy, they may be called on to find available seats for members of the congregation.  Ushers should watch during Mass for any problems that may arise, and be ready to help if needed.

Ushers select those who are to bring up the gifts prior to the Consecration.  Ushers take up the collections during Mass, and pass out bulletins at the end.

For information about this ministry, call the church office 903-757-5855.


Choirs sing at all four of the weekend Masses.  If you are interested in singing at one (or more) of these Masses, please let us know.  Practices are involved, with dates and times varying according to which choir you are interested in.


St. Martha's Guild is a group of women who take responsibility for cleaning and polishing the church pews, vessels, and other sacred items.  The group is named after St. Martha, sister of Mary and Lazarus, whose focus in Scripture was to serve the Lord.

To join this group, call Jerry Gaunt 972-672-4695.

Church Environment

The environment of our sanctuary space is important to the prayerful tone with which we approach Mass and other liturgies. For this reason, environment changes are made for the various seasons and days of not in the liturgical calendar.

A number of changes are made through the year:
    Beginning of Advent
    Christmas Eve(for Christmas)
    Pentecost (for Ordinary Time I)
    Ash Wednesday (for Lent)
    Holy Week - Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday (for Easter)
    Pentecost (for Ordinary Time II)
    September (for second part of Ordinary Time II)

If you are interested in this ministry, call 903-757-5855.