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Ministries - Hospitality

Welcoming Newcomers
This group works as individuals or pairs to contact the newly-registered family, to welcome them to the parish. A folder is available, to be taken to the family on a home visit. If the newcomer is new to the area in general, they may need additional help integrating into the community, finding doctors and other services in the area.  We ask for a three month commitment from the mentors.
Contact  903-757-5893 

Senior Luncheons
Anyone aged 50 and up (or married to someone of this age) is invited to the Senior Luncheon on the First Sunday of each month, at 12:30pm in the Parish Hall.
Contact Darlene Bellner 903-759-3123.

Hospitality Sunday
Donuts and coffee are served on the lawn (or in the Parish Hall, if raining) after each of the Masses on the first Sunday of each month.
Contact Andree Reynolds (Pastoral Council) 903-746-5463

On-Call Food Ministry (cupcakes, cookies, sandwiches, etc.)
For some special events, the members of this group agree to be called on to help provide snacks and sweet items. At least a week's notice is given when items are needed.
Contact 903-757-5893